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Useful Information

1) Tickets purchased online will be emailed to you. Print off your "ETicket" and bring it with you on the day. Only the first instance of your ETicket will be allowed entry, so please don't allow anyone to copy it.
2) You can get multiple tickets online as one order. If your party is not arriving at the festival at the same time, you should place multiple orders so that you receive multiple ETickets.
3) Exchange your entry ticket for your souvenir glass and programme on arrival. Beer and cider can only be bought with half pint tokens. Tokens can be purchased in advance with your entry ticket, via this web site, or at the event. Drinks other than beer or cider can also be purchased with your tokens.
4) If you have any tokens left at the end of the session you can use them to fill a (FREE, 4 pint) flagon of your favourite beer/cider to take home. If you run out of tokens, you can buy more at the cash desk. Unfortunately we can’t refund any unused tokens.
5) If you break your glass, you can purchase a new one at the cash desk.
6) Pick up a free programme on arrival. It contains the beer and cider list, as well as tasting notes.
7) Popular and unusual beers and ciders sell out fast! If there is a high demand for a beer/cider you want to try, then don't leave it too long before you buy.
8) If you're not sure what beer/cider to have, please feel free to ask for a "taster" before you buy.
9) As usual we’ll provide an excellent choice of food to soak up the beer and cider.
10) Finally, please don't drink and drive.

Enquiries Line Tel: 01761 235 835